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Today, any commercial entertainment company cannot be profitable without comprehensive automation of business processes. To do this, you must connect all administration processes in a single system that will guarantee the transfer of data from all devices for further analysis. This task can be assigned to the QUARTECH software, which performs data storage and processing and device management (children's game machines, turnstiles, etc.). The integrated automation of commercial entertainment companies (children's entertainment clubs, children's playrooms, amusement parks) performs the following tasks: increasing the speed of guest services; make settlements within the entertainment center using contactless cards, which reduces the Cash Register (equipment savings and total revenue control), reducing personnel and maintenance costs; protection against dishonest actions of employees and guests, reduction of shoplifting; reduction in the number of employee errors, including intentional ones; improve the quality of guest service; obtain operational reports on the availability of goods, income from the sale of goods and services, the income received from the use of devices (attractions) and the state of the business; report cleaning. You must start the automation by choosing the software of the main system element, you must first decide what functions the automation system should perform, what files to process, what reports it should have. For small businesses, we have developed ready-to-use solutions based on the QUARTECH terminal and mobile step terminals, which include specialized software and a set of commercial equipment necessary for the job. The solution works with cards and barcodes. QUARTECH software is modular, so it can be "assembled" for a variety of applications: children's entertainment club, family entertainment center, street amusement park. Restaurant, cafeteria, shop near the house, mini market, gift shop, boutique. QUARTECH software takes into account all the characteristics of doing business and meets the requirements of the Russian market. Unfortunately, it is impossible to solve all the problems that arise during the automation process without the participation of our company's specialists who are constantly involved in the implementation of similar projects. Only they will help to choose the best option for the integral automation of the company and reduce the financial costs for this task. Our experts will install and configure the automation system; connect and configure all necessary equipment; train employees and administrators to work with the system; You can answer questions during the operation and perform maintenance tasks. Integral automation of the company requires significant financial costs, sometimes very significant, but will be quickly amortized due to: strengthening control over cash flows; post the availability of goods in stock; the ability to carry out effective loyalty programs and marketing campaigns; complete accounting of income and sales of services; the possibility of selling service packages; automatic change in the cost of services depending on the time of day: working days or weekends, holidays; precise analysis of reports on changes in demand; conducting surveys and quality control of staff. To reduce the cost of complex business automation, it is very possible to divide it into stages. If your business continues to expand, you can simply increase the number of modules involved. Our QUARTECH software is constantly updated and has the ability to connect any additional equipment you may need in the process of expanding and modernizing your business.

Monday, 28 October 2019 08:17

The amusement park control system

"The RFID or Barcode technology control system for amusement park, leisure centers is a technology to control the movement of goods and services within entertainment centers and amusement parks.
The QUARTECH point of sale terminal provides the following functionality:
• Creation of a CPM system to work with clients.
• Control the movement of goods and services in the entertainment center.
• Formation of payment areas, receipt of money or notification when crossing
• Identification of non-contact clients and collection of statistical and analytical data on assistance, income, etc.
• Create reports based on the data received.
• Protection of funds against theft and manipulation of personnel.
• Control system automation is a reduction in personnel costs.
Each customer at the entrance to the center / entertainment park territory receives a wristband or RFID card that contains information about the guest's account. A chip with an individual serial number is integrated into the bracelet / card.
In the territory of the entertainment complex, RFID readers are installed, who read contactless information on the bracelet / card.
Using the information kiosk, parents can find out at any time where their child is and the latest actions with the card account. The use of the information kiosk is simplified to the maximum for both adults and children, just bring the card to the reader or Barcode Reader.
When using remote readers, in case the child tries to leave the entertainment center alone, the system will automatically notify the administrators. The same solution can be used to control the unauthorized or accidental entry / exit of the entertainment center or areas to which access is limited.
The automation system collects statistics. An authorized user of the system may receive information:
• about the time the child spends in each of the play areas,
• about your activity in the use of game attractions,
• frequency of visits to the game center
• purchase of any service in the territory of the game center
• average check"

"Even any small business always requires control not only over equipment and revenue, but also over service personnel. The biggest financial losses are often associated with the dishonest work of employees. Situations are common when employees whose responsibilities include controlling access to attractions for free pass to their acquaintances or family members. Also often, employees abuse their authority and charge cash for the entry of strangers. As a result, the business incurs losses.
To reduce the possibility of staff fraud associated with such situations, we present automated access control systems for attractions. Our QUARTECH Software payment and access systems consist of modules, whose task is not only to carry out the operational control of all personnel actions in accordance with the access rights to the automation system, but also to be paid by customer services , revenue, marketing programs and a quality management system that allows you to fully automate all business processes in the company.
The QUARTECH tpv program allows you to:
Organize a complete system of business performance reports for the owner
Improve the quality and speed of guest service.
Improve staff performance
Reduce the cost of buying components
Reduce the number of staff and, consequently, the payroll
Increase revenue by 20-40%
 The work of the automation system is based on the online processing of the main information flows: services and payments. Therefore, the business owner can control the movement of funds and the provision of services by employees in real time.
Features of the QUARTECHLITE Android POS: payment for services is made using a bracelet / card / barcode. The carrier used (bracelet / card / barcode) is not only a means of payment for attractions, but also a means of payment in a bar, cafeteria, gift shop, locker key in the locker room.
Our business automation system is the most modern software and hardware designed to automate and control business processes:
Children's entertainment centers
Ski resorts
Restaurants and coffee shops
Souvenir shops
Water parks and pools
Amusement Parks and Attractions
Rental points
Activity parks
and other entertainment facilities.
Due to the modularity of the system, we offer you to ""assemble"" an automation solution for any task according to the needs of the company. The solutions we have implemented already provide our customers with the maximum benefit. Our developments meet and even exceed global standards for payment and access systems."

Monday, 21 October 2019 18:31


We took care of the highest quality software to make it the strongest on the market.

We have the solution you need, for small businesses, in the same box.

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Support price

As an option, we offer our consulting and technical assistance services on the programs using adjusted rates, which allow you to see the price and benefits of each of the support options we have. Technical support is contracted for one-year renewable periods. Prices include VAT.


Remember that we only support in Spain.







110€/ year

140€ / year

180€ / year






Mail and direct discussion

Mail and direct discussion

Mail and direct discussion


Priority telephone assistance

Priority telephone assistance


Telephone training sessions

Telephone training sessions


Remote connection for faster resolution of incidents






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Thanks to the training videos we have recorded, you can customize the applications according to your needs.







Instruction EN   



Instruction EN     



Instruction EN    

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You do not depend on anyone (or us) to install your POS SOFTWARE. A cop has generated the license, pots are installing the POS SOFTWARE and require installation or additional processes.




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