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Wristband reader Proximity identification

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Identification proximity reader bracelet for use with a proximity reader. Our point-of-sale software includes user authorization control options, optimized with this proximity technology. Smart wristbands are designed to be used in open areas where sun, water and the need for barrier-free mobility Smart devices that communicate with your services are not only easy to carry, but also comfortable and sturdy. With the proximity ID reader bracelet and the latest generation proximity technology they incorporate, you can extend your services in a simple and agile way to places never before suspected, which will surely distinguish you from your Competitors and Offer services with renewed freshness and air that will surprise your customers. Reliable and comfortable alternative to proximity cards. With these bracelets, you gain comfort and peace of mind, because the risk of loss inherent in cards is reduced. Its water-resistant material and comfort make them ideal for use in demanding businesses such as beach bars, water parks, swimming pools. , sports and leisure centers, schools, bars, discotheques, restaurants ...


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